5 Effiecient Ways To Bring More Awareness To Your Personal Brand

5 Ways To Increase Brand Awareness Through Online Marketing in 2016

Increase Brand Awareness through Internet Marketing 2016In this article, I’ll cover 5 efficient ways to increase your Brand Awareness or in other words “How To Utilize The Internet to Get More Attention”¬†! ūüôā

Simply said, when it comes to selling more products, getting more speaking engagements, attracting more clients, or whatever your desired result may be to take your business to the next level, Attention and the right Attention, is what every Business needs in today’s day and time, where everyone is trying to get more Attention/Brand Awareness.

In this article, my goal is to share with you 5 ways you can get the right attention, without spending a fortune on Advertising, although some platforms will require some type of minimum investment, of time or money, to implement.

Who is this Article for?

If you’re the face of your Company/Brand this article is specifically for you. However, if you have a Corporate Brand and take more of a “behind the scenes” approach, you can still leverage these strategies, but you’ll¬†of course have to either hire a spokesperson to represent your brand, or perhaps utilize a little creativity to tailor these strategies towards more of a Corporate style approach.

OK, let’s talk about¬†some of the best ways to get more attention and to increase Brand Awareness via online advertising¬†in 2016.

Let’s do it!

Social Media Marketing:

It’s no secret that Social Media is becoming one of the best ways to get attention to any Brand, as there are Billions of users that communicate on Social Media Platforms everyday, sometimes 8 – 10 times a day on average.

Over the past 3 years or so, we’ve seen some of the biggest Corporations add Social Media to their marketing plan as an outlet to reach their target market, allocating a significant amount of advertising dollars towards their Social Media Marketing Strategy.

This idea has proven to pay off significantly for thousands of Companies, with some seeing much higher returns from their Social Media Campaigns in contrast to their more expensive traditional media campaigns (TV Commercials, Radio Ads, Billboards, etc.).

What’s really cool here, is the fact that Social Media is fairly¬†brand new in comparison to other forms of Traditional Marketing, which implies that Social Media is still wide open, and if you really think about it, my friend…. Social Media is Just Getting Started!

Sure enough, it may seem on surface that Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, ¬†are over saturated, due to the massive amounts of advertisers purchasing Ad Space and utilizing Facebook for Marketing purposes, but anytime a Company can generated leads under $2 Per Lead on any Advertising Platform, and make an instant ROI within their first 30 days (In some instances the very next day), then one could only¬†assume that Facebook isn’t over saturated, and any Business can still utilize Facebook efficiently to not only¬†increase their brand awareness, but simultaneously get into profits right away.

Accomplishing something like this just years ago, with the likes of Billboard Advertising, Commercials, Radio Ads, Yellow Pages, sometimes didn’t always correlate to right away profits for most Companies, however these forms of advertising work greatly for the larger Companies that could afford to wait a few years to see an R.O.I. I hope that makes sense, as this is why we are in a great time, when it comes to Advertising Businesses.

That being said, some markets such as Auto Insurance, E-learning, Weight Loss can be much more competitive than other niche markets, but with a efficient, creative marketing strategy to get your message out on Social Media Sites and if you can create a message that stands out, you could still obtain amazing results over time with your Social Strategy, even in super competitive markets.


Social Media Marketing Brand Awareness


Also, there are several new emerging platforms such as Snap Chat, Instagram and Pinterest, that’s getting ready to open up their Ad Platforms to the general public, which means you’ll be able to purchase Ad Space on these Social Platforms just as you would with Facebook.

Currently, marketers can access Instagram’s inventory directly from¬†Facebook Ad Platform (Facebook purchased Instagram in for $1 Billion in 2014), but if I’m not mistaken, soon Instagram will have their very own Dashboard for Advertisers.

One Entrepreneur that I hugely recommend following in terms of Social Media Marketing, is Gary Vaynerchuk. He has a book one Social Media Marketing by the name of Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook and it’s by far the best information out their right now in regards to Social Media, that I’ve personally came across the past few years.

Yeah absolutely… I Love Gary’s Content, super good stuff lol. ūüėČ –

The moral of the story is, if you are serious about getting more attention to your Brand, Social Media Is A Must, and growing a following on 2 – 5 platforms or more, could yield a huge payoff for your brand in the future. In other words, now is a great time to invest in learning Social Media, and utilize the information you learn, to execute a successful Social Marketing Strategy to start growing a following on your favorite platforms asap! ūüôā

Social Media Blueprint:

  • Grow Your Following – You can grow your following by creating great contextual content on Social Media Platforms. Engaging with the Content of others, Using Ad Platforms such as Facebook Ads to generate likes to your Facebook Community Page and running Twitter Ad Campaigns to attract more followers and engagement with your Tweets, just to give you a few ideas here. You can also use other Advertising Platforms such as YouTube to ask people to follow you on your favorite Social Media Platforms.
  • Push Content –¬†I’ll cover this a little further in one of the strategies that I’ll mention below, but just to briefly cover it now, you want to push out quality content to your Social Media Profiles every time you create good content on another platform. Example: Blog Posts, YouTube Videos, Podcasts, Interviews, etc.
  • Create Engagement– ¬†Creating Social Engagement is a long term play, as typically it doesn’t yield right away results. However, it’s always a great idea to let people that follow you on Social Media Platforms, know that you’re there (Presence). Posting content on these platforms in a non-aggressive¬†way, but rather the same way that everyone else post content (Preferably people that use Social Media for recreational purposes) – is a way to brand yourself in a genuine way and get a higher level of social engagement. In other words, you want to be native to these platforms and creating content within the contextual basis of each platform, this is the best way to attract a high level user engagement from the great people that took the time out to follow you on Social Media. Essentially, communicate to stay active and try to post content that could lead to engagement, which could be something as simple as posting Questions, Asking for Advice/Opinions on a certain subject, Story Telling, Cool Pictures of Family, Nature, Funny Facial Expressions, etc. – anything is good content as long as it’s genuine, native to the platform and attention/share worthy.
  • Promotional Content/Contest – ¬†Every now and then, it’s great to post promotional based content. For instance, if you’re running a special discount sale on one of your products for a limited time only, then Social Media is a great place to share that information. You can leverage Social Media to bring more awareness to a special contest that you’re running or even a local event (Speaking Engagement, Book Signing, Charitable Organization Work, etc.) to bring more awareness to your endeavor.

Live Streaming Apps:

I’ll admit, when it comes to live streaming, I’m no expert (at least at the time of writing this article, however I absolutely believe that Live Streaming is a thing of the future, and already several Brands, Thought Leaders and even regular folks without a Marketing agenda is utilizing these platforms very efficiently in regards to growing their following, and bringing more awareness to their brands.

I’ve watched several Periscopes, Google Hangouts, Blab’s and a few Facebook Live broadcasts, and personally have live streaming on my to do list for my future marketing endeavors as well. Live Streaming App Marketing is a long term play, that can help you increase your brand awareness overtime.

I absolutely 100% positively believe that live streaming will be here for the long haul, and positioning yourself/brand before these platforms reach their peak stages in terms of the amount of active users, could turn out to be very rewarding for your Brand over the next coming years. That being said, I made a list of some of the most popular live streaming websites along with links to great articles that goes into more in-depth detail about utilizing each platform.

Here’s some ideas on how you can leverage each platform to grow your brand – in other words “My 2 Cents”, until I personally utilize these platforms to create more content around them.

  • Periscope – Periscope could be utilized in the same way that we see Marketers leveraging YouTube, however Periscope would be a live “Non Edited/Raw and Uncut” type of Video, with a live attending audience that can engage with your Video Content in real time. This is a way to connect with your Audience on a more transparent and personable level. You can talk about anything that’s relevant to your brand during these streams, and also allow your target market/following to get an inside look at who your are as a person. Example: Lifestyle, Family, Activities, Expertise, etc. Periscope is also great for Q&A sessions in regards to your Product, Service or Expertise.
  • Facebook Live – Facebook Live is Hot right now, and is partially the reason why we’ve seen a declined in another up and coming live streaming app in MeerKat. This platform could be utilize the same way as Periscope. The difference is, Periscope is compatible with Twitter, which means you could utilize Periscope and Twitter hand and hand, in terms of growing your Following and Social Engagement. On the contrary, Facebook is compatible with, “Well” you guess it, Facebook! ūüôā . This is¬†self explanatory in itself, as Facebook is still the #1 Social Media Platform in the World with Billions of active users Worldwide. Facebook Live can help you bring a new “Flavor” to your Following in terms of the way you present Content. It’s a really great time to make a fast move here and start learning how to utilize Facebook Live, as this is certainly a thing of the future as well, and I’m expecting Facebook to present more ways for Marketers to monetize their content, just as YouTube with their “Skip Ad” Commercials, which is also a great way to advertise your brand as well btw, at Youtube In-stream Ads (Here’s a great article by Digital Marketer on Youtube Ads).
  • Google Hangouts – You could either create your very own Google Hangouts with a certain daily, week or monthly theme/topic, or perhaps join the Hangouts of other YouTube Contributors as you see fit. If you choose to go with the later (as just mentioned), I’d personally recommend hoping on the hangouts of others at least twice a month. This is a great way to connect with more thought leaders within your industry, while at the same time, getting your face seen frequently by the viewers of these Hangouts, which could over-time bring more awareness your brand. Associating yourself with thought leaders within your industry/niche is a great way to bring more credibility over time, to your personal brand as well.
  • Blab.im – You could pretty much utilize Blab.im the same exact way as you would use¬†Google Hangouts. Both, Blab.im and Google Hangouts have the exact same concept for the most part, however Blab.im is more Entrepreneurial/Personal Development Oriented in comparison to Google Hangouts at this present time. That’s not to say that Blab doesn’t have an audience outside of Entrepreneurship and Personal Development btw.

Blogging/Content Marketing

Increasing brand awareness through online bloggingYes I said it… blogging! lol

While blogging is nothing new under the Sun, and you’ve probably heard thousands of time how you could increase brand awareness, grow your email list, make money online through blogging thousands upon thousands of times. While this is indeed true, it does take time and effort to really attract a lot of attention to your blog on a consistent basis.

It was just years ago, where Internet Marketers could create quality content (Shall I dare say it “Quality Content” ah hugh… whatever that means right? Just kidding lol) to attract links to their blog post, in which there blog post/content would in turn rank high on Google, Yahoo and Bing for their targeted keywords, thus obtaining an ever flow of consistent Organic Free Traffic from the Search Engines. This typically leads to a high returns in terms of the return of investment one would see and through the Monetizing of their blog and opportunity to grow their email list, almost hands free.

While this Strategy was once upon a time, one of the¬†primary Internet Marketing Strategies for Affiliate Marketers who didn’t necessarily have the budget to allocate towards Paid Traffic, now due to the changes in Google’s Algorithm, it now takes Marketing and Good Marketing to achieve these high ranking in the Search Engines. There are of course still ways to game Google’s Algorithm with “Grey Hat SEO” however it’s not as popular as it once were in the past, and many SEO’s and Bloggers are starting to adopt more of a Marketing Approach with Social, Video and other forms of Marketing to promote their blogs these days.

The most important aspects of Blogging:

The two most important things that every blogger must implement, is Content Creation and the Distributing of that Content. I will not¬†go into details about Content Creation in this particular post, as the whole article is really about Content Creation for the most part, but I’ll share a few ways you can distribute your Content to attract right away visitors every time you create a new blog post.

Send out to Your Email List –¬†As we heard time and time again, growing an email list is one of the most important things we can do as Internet Marketers, whether you have a Personal Brand or Corporate brand, this is absolutely a necessity. While there is indeed several benefits to growing an email list, one benefit is the luxury of creating new fresh content on your blog, and push out your link to let your email subscribers know about the new content you’ve just created.

This is a way to generate instant, right away traffic to your new blog post. It can also help out with your Organic Rankings in the Search Engines, as return visitors is one of the ranking factors that search engines such as Google use, when it comes to Domain/Brand Authority and your overall Organic Search Performance.

Create a YouTube Video/Inform Your Subscribers – ¬†One aspect of video marketing that I haven’t heard many Marketers talking about, is the power of having a large quantity of YouTube Subscribers. Every time you create a new Video on YouTube, your subscribers will automatically receive a notification, that invites them to check out your new video. Your video would also show up in their YouTube Feed.

Why is this important?

We’ll every time you publish a new blog post on your website, you can create a video that let’s your YouTube Subscribers know about your new content. If you’ve serve your YouTube Subscribers well, but creating great videos that they enjoy and appreciate, you can ask them for favors from time to¬†time, such as asking them to visit your new blog post to leave a comment, share your post on their Social Media Profiles, or perhaps offer a Freebie to anyone who leaves the best comment on your blog.

The sky’s the limit here of what you could do by attracting subscribers to your YouTube Channel, but the main point is, you can utilize your YouTube Channel to drive more traffic instantly to you Blog Post. The more of a positive impact you leave on others, the more willing people would be to help you out in anything you ask them to assist your with. Essentially, it’s always great to pay it forward, even though I wouldn’t say give to others just so they can give back to you, but rather, just be a great giver, and everything else will work itself out. That’s just one of my personal beliefs btw.

Blast Out To Your Social Media Following –¬†One benefit to making a continuous effort to grow your Following on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. – is it offers the luxury of sending new content out to your Social Media Following. This essentially accomplishes two things: 1. Social Engagement and 2. Direct Traffic back to your Blog/Website.

If you content is stellar and share worthy, it could additionally help you attract more visitors and increase your reach, as your current social media followers, would Like, Pin, Tweet, Favorite, Stumble with Stumble Upon, Plus with Google Plus, etc., which could lead to more visitors and brand awareness.

Implementing this strategy could also help increase the probability of your Content going viral, and also impact your Organic Search Rankings/Traffic overtime immensely.

Personally, I run Like Campaigns on Facebook throughout the Year, and Twitter Campaigns to Grow My Following on Twitter, specifically to implement this Content Syndication strategy. This is indeed a long term play, but it can yield instant results, although I think it’s far¬†more efficient over-time.

Viral Content Buzz

Viral Content BuzzViral Content Buzz is a Free Social Media Promotional Platform, that essentially helps users share other users content on their Social Media Profiles, which in turns help Users generate credits, that can be utilize to get their Content/Stories shared on the Social Media Platforms of others.

To sum this up, you can get your content shared on the Social Media Profiles of others, by Sharing their Content on your profile. Viral Content Buzz also have an upgraded feature, in which users of the Community, could purchase credits monthly to utilize towards the promotion of their Content.

This is great if you’d like to get your content shared, but wouldn’t want to share others members content on your Social Media Profiles.

I myself utilize both aspects of Viral Content Buzz. Whenever I see a Article that I think would be of good value to people that follow me on Social Media, I’ll click a few buttons to automatically post that content on one of my Social Media Profiles.

Viral Content Buzz New

I also purchase credits monthly to get my content distributed as well. I haven’t utilize Viral Content Buzz none this year so far (2016), but I plan on incorporating this resource within my Content Promotional Strategy again very soon. I might actually use Viral Content Buzz for this blog post. ūüėČ

Viral Content Buzz also comes with a Free Udemy Course to help new Viral Content Buzz members learn how to maximize their efforts with this Content Syndication Platform – hence getting the most use out of this platform.

Press Release Campaign

Press Release MarketingWhile this might not turn into instant, right away traffic, it can turn into traffic within a few days or so. If you create a Press Release that promotes the content on your Blog, not only will it help you get a quality link from several Press Release Publishing Platforms, it could also help you attract direct traffic, and potentially even more visibility from other thought leaders within your marketplace, that may decide to link back to your Content.

I only recommend running a Press Release Campaign, when you create your very best content, preferably content that takes a 2 – 5 days (Mostly Research) to create or if you outsource your content, then you’d typically want to spend about $50 – $200 on this type of Content.

In terms of finding good P.R Distribution, you could do a quick Google Search for top Press Release Distribution Sites or if you want to take the inexpensive route, which I hugely recommend, you search for Fiverr Vendors that offer Press Release Services. There is several quality gigs on Fiverr that offers both “Press Release Writing Services” and “Press Release Distribution Services”.

Native Ads

Yahoo Gemini Native AdsRight now, we’re in a time where Advertisers could run campaigns on Native Advertising Platforms such as Yahoo Gemini and Taboola for pennies per click.

To be exact, my Cost Per Click on Yahoo Gemini, is typically .7 Cents per click on average. Below is a video that shares more insight on Native Advertising with Yahoo Gemini.

This is indeed a thing of the future, and at the time of writing this article, it’s still wide open, and many Marketers are making a fortune with Native Advertising as we speak.

That being said, it can take some time to figure out how to get a campaign profitable with Native Ads, but once you figure it out, you could essentially scale your campaigns super fast, and make life changing income almost overnight.

How does this correlate with promoting your blog content?

Well you could setup a Ad Campaign on Yahoo Gemini or any other Native Advertising Platform that has quality traffic, to promote your blog post. Native Ads are positioned as News Worthy/Text Based Content, so typically you’ll see marketers creating Blog Posts or Advertorials as a Pre-seller type of page to promote their main Sales Page.

In the context of promoting your blog, I’d recommend incorporating ways to monetize your traffic from Native Advertising, Collect a Email Address and/or make sure you have Social Media Sharing buttons in place to make it easy for your visitors to share the content on their Social Media Profiles, which could lead to even more traffic.