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Ralpheal JacksonMy name is Ralpheal Jackson and I’m a Digital Entrepreneur from Michigan who absolutely love, Personal Development, Internet Marketing, Networking and how can I not mention Mediterranean Cuisine! I mean c’mon  how can anyone say no to Hummus and Pita bread (Ok maybe many folks, but too me it’s awesome lol).

Ok moving on…  (-:

I first discovered the Home Business industry back in 2004 and in 2010 I got my first taste of success from home. Since then I have been earning a full-time income as a Digital Entrepreneur, and at the time of this article, I’m on  my way to a 6 figure year for the very first time in my marketing career!

I designed this blog in late 2013 to share my passions with the world, and give back to this awesome industry, by sharing  insightful and actionable tips and strategies with fellow Digital Entrepreneurs and also to meet other super cool folks in this industry such as yourself.

Right out of High School, I decided to pursue Culinary Arts, but eventually realized that cooking was a hobby for me, but not necessarily something that I wanted to do as a career. When I realized that, I decided to pursue Entrepreneurship, and I got my start with a Network Marketing company, within the telecommunications industry. While I didn’t obtain the success that I thought I would with that particular company, it did lead me in the direction of success, as I began to pursue different ventures within the Home Based Business space.

After joining company after company, I eventually stumbled upon the Internet,  and learned about online opportunities. I began to work 14 hours a day, each day of the week non-stop for an entire year, and eventually I was able to make my first sale online – completely blew me away lol. I then began to learn different marketing skill-sets such as SEO, Lead Generation, Video Marketing, etc. and even branching outside of the Network Marketing industry, into other models such as Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing, and Lead Generation for Small Businesses.

Ultimately, it’s really not about me,  it’s about you, as I believe that anyone can obtain success from home, with the proper education and the willingness to give it their all, and make it their goal to work on themselves each and every single day. Make no mistake, I’m indeed from the “You can do it” Club, and I want to personally welcome you to this club as well as I truly believe that “You Can Do It”!

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Ralpheal Jackson

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