Review of Lulu Avenue

What is Lulu Avenue?

LuLu AvenueLulu Avenue is a direct sales boutique to the Trunk Show Company and offers a unique line of jewelry for women, along with opportunities to become your own ambassador. Their feature jewel, Moissanite, is a coveted and sought-after part of any modern woman’s collection.

The Products

Lulu Avenue releases a catalogue of their jewelry at the beginning of every season to fit with the current brands and trends out on the market.

From earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, broaches and charms, they feature a variety of gemstones and designs unlike any other brand. Each product also comes with a commitment to quality and style.


What You Get Out of Lulu Avenue

Not only will you get a brand worth showing off to all your friends, but Lulu Avenue also offers the opportunity to become your own brand ambassador. You can host a party with your friends or colleagues to sell their unique products, and in return you can receive great discounts and deals. The more you sell, the higher your commission and potential discounts could be.

Lulu Avenue’s Values

Lulu Avenue has a commitment to offering the hottest and stylist trends in seasonal jewelry, while also maintaining affordability for customers. Style advisors for Lulu Avenue also promise to advise and assist brand ambassadors with all their pursuits within the company. If you want to become a brand ambassador but don’t know where to start, Lulu Avenue will give you the tools and experience you need to help build what is essentially your own business. 

I Got Someone Else Opinion On Lulu Avenue’s Product Offering

Here is what another marketer had to say about Lulu Avenue’s Products…

They have style, and a lot of it. Simply flipping through their Spring 2014 Lookbook, I was blown away by how each individual piece of jewelry seemed to pop off the page. The designs are sexy, elegant and also classy. I feel like these pieces also have dual functionality; I could wear them to school, work, an evening dinner party or a breakfast buffet.”

Now that’s some great feedback!…

Wrapping Things Up

Customers who love variety and a wide-range of styles to choose from, look no further. Lulu Avenue offers all the hottest trends and styles in the jewelry market. Also, the ability to become your own brand ambassador could be a potential breakthrough – not only would you be able to get much cheaper jewelry, but the more you sell the more you’ll make. A perfect place for accessory lovers everywhere.

I really like there brand, as even their markeing is up-to-date and as a business owner (If you join this company ofcourse), I’m sure you’ll appreciate that when ever you share your products and website with potential customers.

I would suggest learning different ways to get exposure to your business, as without exposure, it would be very challegnign to build a successful LuLu Avenue business. There is a world of information on the Internet these days that goes into different ways to market a business online, as well as offline. You can also follow this blog, as more often than not, I share strategies that I personally use to grow my businesses.

That being said, on the surface, LuLu Avenue seem to be a great company with a very attractive product offering, and I think it would do well on Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.