Should you Join Mialisia?

MialisiaThese days there are many opportunities for men and women to start a home based business. It’s important, however, that the  first program that comes along not be taken. With so many different opportunities to choose from, settling for what is in front of you can result in lost opportunities and missing out on one that could certainly add value to your lifestyle.

Considering you’re reading this blog post, I assume that’s exactly what you’re doing, making sure Mialisia is the right home based business for you. If this is the case, read along as I share more information about Mialisia Jewelry with you, that I discovered after researching their company/business model.

Mialisia opened in July 2013, and since that time the direct sales/home party company has successfully helped start businesses for people around  the world.

What is Mialisia Jewelry?

Offering an assortment of interchangeable jewelry, the product line is fun, and it is affordable, with almost all of the selections priced between $20 and $55. As an independent distributor for the company you are responsible for hosting parties, showcasing the jewelry and waiting for the sales to roll in.

Along with hosting parties at home the jewelry can be sold in other methods a well, including at trade shows, craft events, social media, at your own personal website, online virtual parties and more.

The Mialisia concept is one that has been proven successful. In fact, before the start-up, the founder sold more than $1 million of these jewelry pieces through various outlets. Now that fortune is at your hands. Reps have the chance to make a great income working part-time, and the fact that having jewelry parties is so much fun only makes things better.

Getting Started with Mialisia

It is simple to get started with Mialisia, and there is no prior sales experience needed. If you’re a fun loving individual that desires to make a good income you have all that is needed to work as a sales and party hostess. To start an initial starter kit needs to be purchased.  Two kits are available; one costs  under $200 while the second is $599. All of the supplies and products needed to get started is included in the packages.

Mialisia JewelryNote: The picture shown above is from Lindsey Mothershead blog at  She’s a great leader if you’re looking for someone to get started with in Mialisia.

Generating Revenue in Mialisia

Making money with Mialisia is not as difficult as it is with some companies, due to their already proven market. Most folks that you present your products /business to, will already have an understanding of interchangeable jewelry. This means the market awareness is already there and if you’ve been involved with MLM before, I’m sure you’re aware that, That’s always a great thing!

You earn a 35% profit with each item that is sold. There are also perks like bonuses for reaching certain sales volume that can also increase the money to be made.

Mialisia offers terrific, high quality and fun jewelry for all ages, backed by a compensation plan that enables you to make money. It is a great second income, for stay-at-home moms and anyone else who wants to make serious cash.

Mialisia Virtual Fashion Show

Ok, there you have it Superstar….. (-:

Overall, I think this is a pretty good company, and anyone could obtain success with this company if they’re willing to put in the time and effort that it would take to grow their business. The more exposure that you can get to this business, the more likely you will be to succeed.

Starting off, I would recommend mainly focusing on building a customer base, and once you become successful in that area, then you want to focus on bring on more consultants/distributors. In other words, start focusing on building a team of folks to do exactly what you did! Easier said than done, but if you really want to maximize this opportunity, a customer base along with a distributor base is ideal.

If and after you join this company, make sure you return to my blog, as more often than not I share different strategies that I use to market my online businesses, and I think you’ll be able to leverage many of these strategies, to obtain success with you business as well.

Thanks for reading and comments are open (-: