Social Zing Review: Best Thing Since Slice Bread? or Is It?

Social media iconsIn March of 2014, I received a phone call from a fellow Network Marketer by the name of Jeff Dameron that I have a great deal of respect for as an Entrepreneur and quite honestly, as an integrity driven  individual.

The call was very straightforward due to the fact Jeff was on vacation, and I was occupied at the moment of our conversation. However, in such a short conversation, enough was said for me to take a look at what was then a 17 day old Network Marketing company by the name of Social Zing.

In this article, I’ll share my thoughts with you about Social Zing and let you know why I think it has huge potential, to become one of the most attractive Network Marketing companies in 2014, and furthermore.

Going back to my conversation with Jeff, the fact that he mentioned anything about Social Media marketing, certainly got my attention as since January of 2014, I’ve been furthering my education in Social Marketing, as I just launched a new Lead Generation business within the Automotive space, and we advertise on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Google Plus.

Not to mention, I’m in the process of reading Gary Vaynerchuk new book “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” a very good how to book on Social Media Marketing. If you haven’t read that book I highly recommend it… very, Very insightful!

Ok, back to Social Zing lol…..

Jeff then went on to talk a little bit more about the product suite of SocialZing, in which featured a suite of all around Internet Marketing technology, ranging from Social and Video, all the way down to Mobile. Jeff was also very enthusiastic about their compensation plan, which is the norm for anyone of us promoting a new company. I then said sounds like a great opportunity and we agreed to connect again when he made it back to Michigan from his Vegas trip.

Moving forward….

Over that weekend I began to explore Social Zing, from their ownership, Products, Compensation Plan as well as the team that I chose to join. Impressed from what I seen, I later got the opportunity to connect with another top leader by the name of Daniel Zykaj and from the jump start I  liked what he had to say about the company, in terms of where he seen the company going and what initially attracted him to the Social Zing platform.

What  impressed me, is the fact that this gentleman was all about the team, meaning he  cared about the people that joined him in business, and one of his main goals was to help them succeed. I’m very similar, so from the jump start we had great rapport with each other, not to mention, we all reside in the amazing state of Michigan, and I have not worked on anything locally in terms of MLM in years (all Internet).

Make a long story short, did I hop on board with this company? Indeed I did!… and guess what, we have big plans of building it huge… or rather giving this venture 100%. Read along and I will share more information on this business model, along with a little info about our team as well!

Disclaimer: Because I do have a business interest with this company, I will attempt to write this review as if I were not apart of Social Zing. Enjoy!

What Is Social Zing?

Social Zing is a Network Marketing company, that hosts a suite of Internet Marketing tools, with it’s main attraction being a robust Social Media Management tool that allow marketers to manage their social media profiles/accounts all from one dashboard. This marketing platform host a serious of products, but before we look more into each independent marketing tool, let’s first take a look at the guys behind this company.

Who Are The Folks Behind Social Zing?

scott-brodkorbScott Brodkorb, CEO of Social Zing – Exceptional Business Men, with 23 plus years of experience within the MLM industry. Scott has build many successful MLM businesses in the past and has experience a significant amount of success as the Corporate Executive of a fortune 100 company. Find out more about Scott Brodkrb on his Linkedin page here.

Mike Boggs, COO – After getting his first taste of success within the MLM industry at the age of 18, Mike Boggs was able to leave his corporate job just three yeas later and hs never looked back. Since then, Mike has built several Network Marketing ventures and in 2008, launching his marketing and coaching company. Learn more about Mike Boggs by clicking here.

Brian McLane, CMO – One of the most respected consultants within the MLM industry, Brian McLane has without a doubt made a name for himself in terms of Internet Marketing, namely lead generation. I’ve personally heard stories of Mike enrolling thousands of folks into companies overnight, all through Internet Marketing (Lead Capture Pages, SEO, PPC, Social Marketing, etc.)… Brain is pretty good and has been generating leads on the distributor side as well as the consultant side of things for quite some time now. Learn more about Brain McLane on by clicking here.

Other Members of the SocialZing Corporate Team

Robert Alvarez VP, Kevin Thompson Corporate Attorney, Denise Dumas Graphic Designer, Chad Reitsma Web Programmer

Social Zing Product Offering

SocialZing University (SZU)

SocialZing University is a marketing training course that consist of top notch marketing training ranging from Content Marketing, SEO, PPC, Web Analytics, Converion Optimization… all the way down to Mobile Marketing. Currently, I’m very impressed with everything that these guys are doing, as at the time of writing this article, Social Zing just open the doors to this marketing training platform, and from what I just seen, it looks pretty impressive! The content comes in the form of Video Tutorials and Text PDF’s. You’ll also find a quiz after every lesson within this hub. Pretty neat!

SocialZing (Social Media Management Tool)

SocialZing is a web based Social Media Management tool that allow marketers to manage their social media accounts, all from one platform. Users can view their social streams, engage with social following, schedule posts and tweets and much more with this technology. I  liken this tool to Hoot Suite. Very similar.


I just use this tool for the first time the other day and it’s pretty impressive. You can create facebook fan pages (Landing Page Styles) in  10 minutes or less with this tool. The best part is, you can grow your list directly from facebook with this tool, as you’ll be able to place an opt in form on your page that collects names and email addresses. Note: This is how this tool works at the time of this article. Often, facebook makes changes to their platform so PageZing could change as well to stay compatible with Facebook.


Host online meetings in a Google Hangout style format. This easy to use tool can help you present your business to potential prospects, train, pretty much anything you need to do, all with a click of a button. This tool will also work alongside Google Hangout’s as well in the near future, so you’ll essentially be able to use this technology with Google Hangouts. When I found that out, I was blown away and pretty sold on this marketing platform.


VideoZing is a tool that allow you to send out video emails to your email contacts with a click of button. You can create a video and send out to your email database without having to figure out all of the tech stuff. This technology will have you marketing and branding like the pros in no time!


Grow your mobile list with Text Zing. This tool is certainly relevant to our time in terms of marketing as studies have shown that the open rate for text messages is higher than open rates for traditional email. Another amazing feature with TextZing, is the unlimited keyword feature, meaning you can have your prospects text a certain number to a certain phrase, and instantly they would be able to receive updates from you via Mobile Phones. TextZing was another feature that attracted me to this amazing company.


Get cash back every time you or one of the individuals that you refer to ShopZing, make a purchase with the ShopZing toolbar from online shopping platforms such as If you  are working DS Domination, or do any  dropping shipping for that matter, then this tool could compliment your business model big time!

Dual Level Pay Plan (DLP2 Compensation Plan) – 11 Ways to Get Paid!

The Social Zing Compensation Plan pays out 11 different ways. Below we will explore each way in brief detail. Let’s start with the first, Referral Customers.

Referral Customers

Every time you refer a customer to Social Zing, you’ll earn a monthly residual of 33%. How many people do you know that own a Small Business? Many different businesses can utilize the Social Media Tool Suite, such as Traditional Businesses (Landscaping Services, Bakeries, Home Improvement Companies, etc.), Real Estate Agents, Insurance Agents, Lawyers, and of course Internet and Network Marketer’s.

31 Zing Pro Plus Customers – Earn over $1,000 per month.

92 Zing Pro Plus Customers – Earn over $3,000 per month.

That’s just a one time sale, so essentially you can get paid months for a one time effort. BTW, there are no limit to the number of customers that you can have.

The next 10 ways that you can earn commissions with Social Zing, is when you decide to start building a team of folks that choose to share Social Zing with others just as yourself. This is where things start to get pretty exciting, just as any other Network Marketing opportunity. Let’s start with the Fast Start Bonus!

Fast Start Bonus

When you introduce the Social Zing Platform to others, and they get started at the Zing Pro or Zing Pro Plus membership, you’ll earn a fast start bonus of $25. You can do this over and over again, meaning there is no limit how many $25 bonuses you can earn.

Coded Bonuses

As an active Zing Pro Plus rep yourself, just get two active customers, and you’ll qualify for coded bonuses. The company pays out a $100 bonus commission, on every other person that you personally sponsor to infinity.

When your personally sponsored members go out and share Social Zing with others, they will also earn a $100 bonus on every other member that they personally sponsor (Odd numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, etc.), and you’ll earn a $100 bonus on their even numbers (2, 4, 6, 8, etc) – coded bonuses and roll up coded bonuses are unlimited meaning they can go until infinity in the Social Zing pay plan.

Please watch this video below for a greater understanding on how coded bonuses work.

Matching Coded Bonuses

Ok in order to understand how Matching coded bonuses work, you must first understand how coded bonuses work. Essentially, every time someone that you personally sponsor earn a $100 coded bonus commission or their personals, you’ll earn a 50% matching bonus else well. So, not only will you earn coded bonuses from every other one of your personally sponsored members, you’ll essentially earn a $100 commissions on every other member that your personally sponsored reps sponsor. Plus a %50 Matching bonus on their personals.

Binary Residual

In Social Zing, you’ll only have to build two teams or rather two legs (Right and Left). Every time you have 100Bv on your right leg and 100bv on your left, you’ll generate an additional $25 in monthly bonus commissions.

30 Pro Plus members on both legs (Right and Left) – $525/Mo

100 Pro Plus members on both legs (Right and Left) – $1,750/Mo

1000 Pro Plus members on both legs (Right and Left) – $17,500/Mo

10,000 Pro Plus members on both legs (Right and Left) – $175,500/Mo

What’s cool about the Binary style compensation plan, is that typically, the company builds one leg for you, typically the right leg. To be clear, it’s really not that company that build your power leg, but rather the people that’s apart of the company, usually tag team the power leg, to make things easier for their team members.

So in essence, when you join a fast growing team, you’ll only have to focus on one leg, which is commonly referred to as your weak leg. When I signed up, I had 500 people under me within two days, due to many of the leaders on our team, that’s  making things happen in their business.

Results are not typical, and the 500 people under me in two days, was  great timing, so I can’t promise that you’ll have the amount of folks under you or anything close to those numbers when and if you join. Just my disclaimer.

What I can say, is that if you do join Social Zing, and join our team, you’ll certainly get started with folks that’s  making things happen, and genuinely care about your success and will not only show that through words, but through action, as well.

Ok, moving along…

Matching BV Bonus

You’ll earn a 10% match on all of the volume of your personal sponsored reps.

Ex: 10 Personals that’s all earning $5000 a month. That would accumulate to $50,000. You would earn a $5000 monthly commission. This is on top of what you are already earning from the other aspect of the pay plan.

The Matching BV Bonus goes down two levels deep. So not only will you earn a 10% Matching BV Bonus on the volume of your personals, you’ll also earn a %10 BV Match on their personals, as well.

Executive Bonus Pools

When you reach the companies executive level, you’ll become eligible to participate in a special 1% pool of the entire companies BV. This bonus is paid out every month.

Ambassador Pool

When you reach the rank of Ambassador, you’ll be able to participate in an additional 3% of the companies BV residuals, divided by all qualified Ambassador pool members. This bonus is paid out monthly.

Shop Zing Rewards (Online Shopping App)

Earn cash back, find the best deals and coupons!

This online shopping app consists of over 5000 stores, which includes top brands such as Walmart, Macy’s, Target, Starbucks and much more. As you refer your Family, Friends, Facebook friends, etc. to this app, you can earn a commission anytime anyone of your referrals, us this app to shop online.

You can also earn as your customers/referrals, refer their friends, as well. While this concept isn’t new to the MLM world, it can lead to a nice amount of additional income, if shared with others. You can also make a commission if you buy from yourself, pretty neat to say the least!

One Time Achievement

Every time you move up the ranks, you’ll earn a one-time achievement bonus ranging from $100 – $500,000 – these are one-time rank achievement bonus.

You can also qualify for Lifestyle Bonuses such as luxury cars, vacations, rings and much more.

Ok, now that we’ve looked over the compensation plan, I think it’s fair to say that it’s pretty attractive, and along, with consists work and effort behind it, anyone could maximize on it’s benefits and rewards.

So, How Much Does It Cost To Get Started With SocialZing?

See the chart below.

Cost of SocialZing Monthly Membership

How I Feel About Social Zing? My Overall Opinion

This company is by far one of the most impressive companies that I’ve came across of the past few years. Many folks that know me on a personal level know for a fact that I don’t join just anything, and I certainly do not endorse everything out there in the Home Based Business Community.

That being said, I do believe that their product is relevant to today’s market, and literally anyone with a business that’s interested in generating leads online by way of Social Marketing needs this tool without a doubt.

What’s also impressive, is their pricing. If you were to go out and get each of these tools independently, it would cost far more, not to mention, many of those companies will not pay us the way Social Zing does, if we refer a customer to their platform. Untimely there’s so much more benefits to this company, but I’ll let you discover the rest if you choose to join this company.

Get Started Today with our Team!

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