Total Life Changes Review (2016 Update) – Get My Bonuses Valued At $997.00

Total Life Changes IncomeI did quite some very exciting things this week. I partnered up with a few big time MLM leaders in two different ventures that’s getting ready to experience huge growth and an international level, and I also spoke with a few Distributors that’s getting ready to build huge Total Life Changes Businesses in the U.S and Canada.

After taking a break from the Network Marketing industry, to focus on growing my Lead Generation business and a few other Ventures, I’ve recently became obsessed with a few Direct Sales Companies, one being Total Life Changes.

This is why I decided to write this review. Over the past 2 – 3 days, I’ve set aside some time to take a serious look at TLC’s Business Model, Products, Leadership, Customer Feedback, BBB Rating, and hundreds of comments left by consumers of TLC’s flagship product, on reputable websites and forums.

In this review, I’ll cover the majority of things I discovered in regards to TLC, that can be conducive to your decision on joining TLC or not.

I’ll also let you know why I was about to join TLC once upon a time, but suddenly had a change of heart on this Venture, due to a Mishap within their Product Delivery System back in 2015.

Note: Make sure you read this entire Total Life Changes review, as at the end of this review, I’ll offer you an exclusive bonus, that can help your grow your TLC Business (Should You Choose to Join TLC), much faster, much easier, with less time wasted on activities that isn’t conducive to the growth of your Business.

Total Life Changes Review

If you’ve recently seen an Advertisement, “Before and After” Picture on Social Media or have been pitched from a Family Member or Friend in regards to a Health and Nutrition Company by the name of Total Life Changes, You and I both have something in common, so have I!

Initially when I first heard of Total Life Changes, I considered joining this Income Opportunity right away, as I was very impressed with the weight loss results that thousands of folks were experiencing with the IASO Tea.

Considering the fact that I was already looking for a quality product that would help people get instant results, preferably a Skincare Product or Health and Nutrion/Weight Loss Product, TLC’s IASO Tea instantly peaked my interest.

I ended up speaking with several TLC reps., and was scheduled to attend one of their live business presentations here in Michigan. However, due to the fact that I was having success with my Lead Generation Company, I didn’t rush into getting involved with TLC right away.

Fast forward….

Suddenly,  I starting hearing stories of newly enrolled TLC reps., not receiving their product in a timely fashion, with some reps getting their order weeks later than the estimated delivery date, and others not receiving their product at all.

This is what initially caused me to postponed joining this Business, as another company that I previously worked in 2013, had the same challenges with a Product Deliver-ability System, which at the time, caused that particular Company to lose lots of momentum.

So of course, being their, having done that, I didn’t want to put myself in the same position, working hard to grow a Business, that lacked within the Product Full-fulfillment category.

Essentially, that was the main reason why I had a change of heart about joining TLC. I’ll let you know the second reason I didn’t join TLC later in this article.

I do want to point out, that since then, Total Life Changes has resolved that particular issue with timely product fulfillment/shipment,  and as of 2016, TLC is experiencing exponential growth Internationally. Furthermore, TLC is currently one of the top companies, in terms of growth and popularity within the Home Based Business industry, with several of their top leaders earning 6 and 7 figure incomes a year. .


Total Life Changes Corporate OfficeTotal Life Changes Corporate Office and Contact Info:

Owner: Jack Fallon, Founder and CEO
Phone: 1-888-873-1898
USA East Corporate Office: 6094 Corporate Dr, Ira Township, MI 48023
Flag Ship Product: Iaso Tea
Avg. Product Price: $39.95 – $1,500

Note: Total Life Changes have several offices all around the World including the United States, Mexico, Colombia – Bogotá, Colombia – Medellín, Dominican Republic – Santiago, Dominican Republic – Santo Domingo, El Salvador, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Curacao, Ghana and Bolivia.

What Should You Know About Total Life Changes?

Total Life Changes (TLC) is a debt-free, privately held company, that was founded in 1999 by it’s current, operating CEO and Founder, Jack Fallon.

Initially, the Company was primary marketed under a different brand by the name of SeAcai.

After making changes to their Product Offering, Compensation Plan and overall Business Model, this Company was re-launched under the Brand that we recognize today as “Total Life Changes”.TLC Total Life Changes

This Skincare and Nutritional Company provides a generous opportunity for the average person to generate a part-time or full-time income, from sharing TLC Products and Opportunity with their warm market.

In 2015 TLC experience exponential growth, catapulting their Product Sales from 5000 a Week to well over 100,000 Product Sales per Month. This massive growth took place overnight, as several big time MLM leaders joined TLC sharing this home based business with ten’s of thousands of folks within their networks.

Currently, TLC is still doing very well in terms of it’s growth, attracting both Retail Customers and Independent Distributors, mainly because of it’s flagship product IASO Tea, that’s being shared all over Social Media, and increasing the awareness of “Miracle Tea”  Internationally.

Is Total Life Changes a Reputable Company?

Now that we’ve covered some of the basics about TLC, I want to share my opinion with you about this Income Opportunity, and more importantly, touch on the topic of whether Total Life Changes is a reputable Company or not. In other words, and to be more frank, is TLC worth joining?

Before I touch on each of these subjects, I want to add my disclaimer. I’m not a lawyer, and neither do I study Business Law, and currently, I have know business interest with TLC, other than a few clients that’s involved with TLC, in which I provide Marketing Consulting Services. However, as someone who has been involved with the Network Marketing/Home Business Industry for over 12 years and counting, having built several successful home based businesses, I do have the mental prowess to ascertain the differences between a Pyramid Scheme and a Legitimate Direct Selling Business Model.

That being said, I’ll take my best shot at articulating my thoughts in terms of conveying my opinion on the legitimacy of the TLC business model.

Please keep in mind that this is just my opinion of TLC and not legal advice once so ever.

OK, let’s get started! 🙂

Total Life Changes, Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Surprising enough, the Better Business Bureau gave Total Life Changes, LLC a F rating.

This is the least favorable grade that a Company can acquire from the BBB. Considering the fact that tens of thousands of  folks utilize TLC Products every month (Even those that does not necessarily have a Business interest in the TLC’s Income Opportunity), one could only draw an inference that TLC offers valuable products.

So the question is, why would the BBB give TLC an F rating?

I think the reason for this low grade given to TLC by the a reputable website such as the BBB, is due to a mishap that took place back in 2015 with their product delivery system.

What do I mean? We’ll essentially,  Tens of Thousands of folks placed an order of IASO Tea and either received their product weeks/months later, and some having never received their product at all, according to reputable sources.

This cause several members to file complaints against TLC on sites such as the, with some indivuals filing disputes with their Banking Institutions.Total Life Changes BBB

While this was obviously a mishap that took place on behalf of TLC, the mishap in there Product Shipping System wasn’t intentional.

According to Leadership over at TLC, the Corporation didn’t expect such high demand for their Products, and didn’t quite prepare well enough for the type of growth they experienced.

Essentially, they didn’t have the proper infrastructure in place, nor enough employee’s to fulfill and ship out product orders.

As stated earlier, this caused thousands of individuals to voice their frustrations on Social Media, Forums and the Better Business Bureau Website.

This is the only reason that would make sense in terms of why TLC would have such a F rating on the BBB website.

On the bright side,  TLC has found a solution to this challenge, and their currently shipping products out Internationally in a timely fashion.

Also if you notice in the image below, TLC had a total of 200 complaints filed within the last 3 years,  with majority of complaints being filed in the last 12 months. This cause me to assume that at least 80% of their complaints, if not more, were filed within the same time period. Again, more than likely because of many customers ordering a product from TLC and never receiving it.

It’s refreshing to see that many of these complaints have been resolved (193 out of 200), which implies that either people have received their product or a refund.


Total Life Changes Compensation Plan

TLC has a very generous compensation plan that allow’s distributors to maximize their earnings in 5 different ways starting with Retail, Fast Start Bonus, Binary Pay Plan, Matching Bonus Plan and Lifestyle Bonuses. It’s worthy to note that TLC Distributors can earn a 50% commission on all Retail Sales and Fast Start Bonuses.

I personally find the 50% Commission Payout on all Retail Sales to be very attractive! This makes building a customer base of consumers worth while, which works just right for my personal style in regards to growing large Network Marketing organizations via high levels of duplication.

Simply put, it is fair more easier to obtain duplication in most MLM’s when there is a valuable product, that can be sold to warm markets, even to those who doesn’t have an interest in joining the opportunity. In my opinion, it is far more easier for most individuals to build a customer base, opposed to building a team of distributors, whenever there is a valuable product that can sell itself in place.

I highly recommend looking up the amazing and talented Lisa Grossman, who teaches how to get duplication within your Network Marketing Organization by way of customer acquisition. She’s one of the best that teaches on this style of growing an MLM Business.

Moving on….

Below is a video by one of TLC’s Top Leaders Nicole S. Cooper, that shares key information on how to become Director. There are several benefits to becoming Director within the TLC’s Compensation Plan, as you’ll discover in the video below.

Retail Customer Profits and Commissions:

As mentioned above, TLC pays out 50% commissions on all retail sales. This means every time someone purchase a product from your personal TLC website/affiliate link, you can earn a 50% commission of the purchase amount. This commission is re-occurring, so you can earn retail sale commissions every month or every time one of your customers place an order.

TLC also provides an Opportunity for Distributors to purchase Products at wholesale prices, and re-sale at retail prices. Essentially, you could mark up the pricing on TLC Products, and re-sale to your warm market or consumers in your local area.

You can also list these TLC Products on sites such as eBay, Amazon and OfferUp, for slightly more than what you paid, hence making sure you make a profit.

Fast Start Bonuses When You Enroll New IBO’s (Independent Business Owners):

The Fast Start Bonus is designed to help Distributors create right away cash flow, once they start working their TLC Business. You can earn a 50% commission every time you personally enroll someone in your TLC Business that make a purchase of a starter pack, ranging from $50 up to $1,500.

Depending upon the amount of Bonus Volume you have, and the Starter Pack in which your personally enrolled distributors purchase, you could earn anywhere from $50 – $750.00 for every distributor you personally enroll.

Hybrid Binary Pay Plan: You can qualify for this aspect of TLC’s Pay Plan by sponsoring two business partners, one on your right side and one on your left side. You can earn 10% – 25% on distributors within your Binary.

Here’s an overview video on TLC’s Compensation Plan by one of Total Life Changes top Leaders Scott Bent.

Binary Matching Bonuses: Earn a 50% Matching Bonus on the Binary Pay of every Distributors that you personally enroll in TLC. You can earn an additional 10% – 50% check match on the Binary Pay of distributors that enrolls on your 2nd level within the TLC Pay Plan.

Example: Let’s say you personally enroll someone by the name of Susan Average who goes out and create an income within the Binary of $1000/Month. You would earn a check matching bonus of 50% on Susan’s Binary Pay, which in this example would be an additional $500/Month.

Let’s say Susan goes out an enroll someone by the name of Jeff Superstar. Jeff being the Superstar that he is goes out and creates a binary income of $50,000/Month. You would earn a 10% – 50% matching bonus of Jeff’s binary income since he would be on your 2nd level within the TLC Enrollment Tree.

Lifestyle Bonuses:

Once you meet each of the necessary qualifications and rank advancements within the TLC’s Pay Plan, you can qualify for a Lifestyle Bonus of $1,500/Month. You can utilize the Lifestyle Bonus for anything you desire. This could include a Car, Vacation, Clothes, Shoes, Charitable Contribution, pretty much anything that you desire up to $1,500 Per Month.

TLC Total Life Changes Review Compensation Plan Earning Structure

Total Life Changes Products

Since TLC has an extensive line of both Skin Care and Nutritional Products, I will not go into in-depth detail about each individual product. However, I’ll list their Product Offering in full, but mainly focus on reviewing their flag ship product, which is their “IASO Tea”.


  • Cafe Delgada – gourmet coffee infused with healthy ingredients such as Ganoderma mushroom
  • Cafe Black – instant gourmet coffee
  • Nutra Burst – multi vitamin
  • NRG –  natural energy formula
  • Tea – Iaso branded tea (Promotes healthy weight loss and detoxification)
  • Latin Style Coffee – instant gourmet “latin style” coffee
  • Techui – 100% Spirulina (cyanobacteria) powder
  • Gano – 100% Ganoderma extract


  • Sol – this repair cream is designed to protect skin stem cells from damage
  • Ojos –  reduce dark circles around the eyes
  • Iaso Oil – reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Pomica – deep cleansing and detoxing of the skin
  • Luna – anti-ageing cream

IASO Tea Review

Iaso Tea is becoming the nations No.1 Herbal Tea (and rightfully so), thanks to the many distributors that’s sharing this great tasting Tea with their warm market, and posting “Before and After” pictures on Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, YouTube and Twitter.

This “Miracle Tea” consist of a unique variety blend of 9 all-natural herbs including Holy Thistle, Persimmon Leaves, Papaya, Blessed Thistle, Malva Leaves, Marsh Mallow, Myrrh, Chamomile and Ginger.

This unique blend of all-natural herbal ingredients is designed to cleanse the upper and lower intestines, which is conducive to getting rid of toxins and parasites. Consuming 8 ounces of this tea daily is recommended for best results.

The Company advertises that Consumers of IASO Tea could lose up to 5 pounds in 5 Days, as this Tea is infused with an abundance of weight loss properties that is conducive to the cleansing of the digestive system.

TLC also offer other IASO related products such as coffee and IASO skin creams.

IASO Tea Benefits:

  • All-natural, Organic Ingredients
  • Detoxification, Cleanse Your Digestive System
  • Antioxidant And Anti-inflammatory
  • Helps Remove Bloating and Excess Body Fat
  • Promote Cardiovascular Health
  • Purify The Blood

Since these benefits isn’t backed by Science, I searched to find customer reviews of this product. Check out the screen shot below, to see what others had to say in regards to their experience with IASO Tea.

Iaso Tea Reviews from Customers:

TLC Total Life Changes Amazon Customer Reviews of IASO Tea

Start Up Cost – How Much Does It Cost To Join TLC?

If you’re interested in becoming a TLC Distributor, you’ll essentially have to order one of their Products, and you’ll automatically get access to a Distributor I.D, which allow’s you to participate in TLC’s Compensation Plan. You can purchase a product as low as $39.95 plus shipping.

As long as you continue to order at least one product per month that accumulates 40PVC, you’ll remain an active distributor.  The path to least resistance is to simply order a 1 Month Supply of Nutriburst or IASO Tea.

Need Someone to Join in Total Life Changes?

Total Life Changes TLC Team Leader Representative Canada Andrew Tremendous JonesIf you’re looking for someone to join in TLC, I hugely endorse and recommend a gentlemen by the name of Andrew Jones. Andrew is one of the best talents that I’ve personally worked with in the past, who has above average skills in terms of working with large groups of individuals, and helping them bring the best out of themselves.

Andrew is a true leader, with A+ team building skills, and have a track record of being accessible for those that reach out to him for leadership support, 3 way calls, personal development, and so much more.

If you’re looking for great upline support and resources that can help you grow a large organization within Total Life Changes, I hugely recommend contacting Andrew by phone or email. See his info below.

Andrew “Tremendous” Jones

Phone: 6477171826

Claim Your Bonus

Increase Brand Awareness through Internet Marketing 2016Just for dropping by my website and reading this Total Life Changes review in it’s entirety, I want to offer you a special bonus, that I plan on launching later this year, by the name of Build, Optimize, Manage.

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OK so there you have it, that’s my review for Total Life Changes, and I hope that you’ve found this review to be of great value, and conducive to your decision on going forward with this Opportunity (TLC).

Personally, I think an Opportunity is only as good as the individual that’s apart of the Opportunity, makes it. Intuitively, only you will know if this is the Opportunity for you, so if you get the positive gut feeling about TLC or any Opportunity that you’re inquiring about, I’d say just do it!

If you’re looking for a new way to create additional income, and potentially full-time income that can lead to both time and financial freedom, then the Home Business industry is by far, one of the best places to start.

Make sure you give it 100% each and everyday. Don’t stop until you there’s nothing left in the tank, and let your “Why” be driven by purpose and something more significant than money itself.

Success is a by product, of living out our purpose and contribution to the well being of others. Live your purpose, be the solution! 🙂

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