Valentus MLM Review: Why I Partnered Up With The Dream Builders?

Last Updated: 08/26/2016

Are you considering joining Valentus or purchasing one of there Flagship Health and Nutrion Products?

If yes, you are unequivocally at the right website, at the right time!

In this review, I’ll reveal why I think Valentus is one of the most viable MLM Income Opportunties out there, and why I emphaticlly beleive that Valentus will create some of the most successful Network Marketers over the next 2 – 5 years and furthermore.

I’ll also let you know why I chose to plant my flag with Valentus as my primary Network marketing Business, and some of the things my team and I are doing to create 5 , 6 and 7 figure incomes with this Company.

Before I get into my review, here’s a screen shot that show’s Valentus ranked as the 3rd fastest growing MLM of 2016.



OK now let’s get into our Valentus review….


What Is Valentus

Dave Jordan Valentus CEO“In Latin, the word “Valentus” means “prevail,” defined as proving to be superior in strength, power, and influence. 

Valentus is a Network Marketing Company based out of Sparks, Nevada, that was started by Valentus CEO, Dave Jordan in 2014. This Company has seen tremendous growth within their first 2 years, as Dave Jordan and his team of both Corporate Leadership and Independent Distributors, plan on growing Valetnus into one of the World’s largest, Premier MLM Companies within the Health and Wellness industry.

This Company offers a wide array of Products that’s design to promote a Healthier Lifestyle, through the consumption of Nutritional Beverages that’s design to improve Brain Functionality, Weight Loss Management and the maintaining of a Healthy Immune System.

Valentus mission statement, Passion and Primary Focus “is to create a company, a product line, and an opportunity built on a foundation of integrity.”

Corporate Details: “Review and Company Profile”

Valentus Corporate Office

Owner: Dave Jordan
Location/Address: Sparks, NV
Start Up Year: 2014
Flagship Product: Slim Roast, Weight Loss Coffee
Cost: $59.00, $2.50 Per Cup
Quantity: 24 Servings
Success Rate: Over 85% of Consumers have experienced results with Slim Roasts.
Note: See the testimonial section of this review for more details.
Runner Up Product: Prevail Energy Drink


The best part about this Company,  is the fact that their products are actually of good quality, and could perform very well in retail stores if Valentus decided to operate a traditional business model. This is very rare for an MLM Company, as most MLM’s can only move large inventories of Product, by first attracting a large number of folks to the Income Opportunity itself.

That being said, Independent Representatives of Valentus, could create a consistent Income Stream,  by simply selling Valentus Slim Roast Coffee to attract retail customers, hence building a network of retail customers.

Most folks lose up to 12 pounds in there first month of drinking SlimRoast, even those that hadn’t neccesarily change their eating habbits, have made claims of losing weight after consuming SlimRoast. This is a great indicator that Valentus is a rock solid Company, as they have a product that accomplishes two things, Instant Gratification and Product Equity/Demand outside of it’s association with an the Income Opportunity.

I’ll also add that Valentus product deliver-ability is very exceptional, as they send out product orders in a prompt and timely fashion. This is a reflection of a very competent Corporate Team.

Currently, at the time of writing this article, Valentus is looking at other parts of the World such as the United Kingdom and Germany. They’re currently shipping products to both Counties, but they’re considering allocating more resources to help grow/scale Valentus in those parts of the World.

I think this is awesome! 🙂


If I had to add any Cons in regards to Valentus, I’d say the fact that they haven’t made it past their 5 year mark just yet, is a tad bit uncomfortable.

However, just as any brand new MLM Company, you’ll have the dilemma of “if or not” a Company will make it past their first 3 years in Business, let alone their first 5 years.

That being said, I have every reason to believe that Valentus will indeed be around for the long haul, mainly because of the intangible of the Companies leadership, and the ability to handle the overnight growth that we’ve experienced this year in 2016.

Not to mention, Valentus has really good financial backing and they manufacture there own products.


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Valentus Products: Prevail Energy, Prevail Immune, Prevail Trim, Slim Roast, Ingredients and Before & After Pictures

Currently, Valentus has 4 main products that’s conducive to achieving optimum health. Their products are made with some of the best all natural ingredients, that’s diabetic friendly with either no added sugar or to be exact, less than 4 grams of sugar from fruit.

Picture of a Coffee Mug with A Package Of Slim Roast Instant Coffee

Valentus offers 4 main products in their weight loss management system. The first is their weight loss supplement Prevail Trim that is formulated with appetite suppressants and other ingredients designed to detoxify the body.

Prevail Immune Boost contains antioxidants to help ward off sickness and infection. Prevail Energy helps increase performance and mental alertness without artificial stimulants. The newest product, Prevail Slim Roast, controls appetite, elevates mood, and regulates sugar and fat absorption.

  • Slim Roast – A weight loss Healthy Coffee
  • Prevail Energy – An energy drink.
  • Prevail Immune – An immune boosting drink.
  • Prevail Trim – A weight loss drink.

Can You Really Lose Weight With Valentus Flag Ship Product, Slim Roast?

Just as most Weight Loss products, consumers of Slim Roast will get their best results by incorporating a healthy diet and a consistent weekly workout regime with their consumption of Slim Roast.

However, I have some friends in Valentus that has been taking Slim Roast for months, and have claims of seeing a dramatic change within their weight, their very first week of consuming Slim Roast (Even some friends who do not have a consistent workout routine).

Picture of Jordan Wright Before and After Picture After Drinking Slim Roast

I’ve also heard stories of others who haven’t quite experience fast weight loss results, just as others have. That being said, some of these individuals have made positive claims of a significant boost in their Energy levels, increased Positive Mood and one individual has claimed that she’s hadn’t experienced migraines since she’s been consuming the product.

Overall, I’ve seen a high percentage of positive feedback in regards to Slim Roast, so I’d say it’s certainly a great product.

Currently, I myself have not experienced any weight loss, which is great considering I weigh 155 pounds, however as someone who spends about $4 a day on Coffee, I can really appreciate the discount, also the opportunity to make money by sharing Slim Roast with other Coffee lovers, is priceless!

Note: Over the next 12 – 24 Months, we plan on growing a team of 50,000 plus distributors. Learn how you can benefit from this epic financial wave that’s getting ready to take place within the Home Based Business industry.

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There are also several testimonials online in regards to Slim Roast, and overall I’ve seen nothing but positive testimonials, as people are really excited about the results their experiencing with Slim Roast. The Company also provides refunds to any unhappy customers, so it’s really a win-win. Nothing to lose, but much to gain!

No pun attended… 🙂

Valentus MLM Opportunity Presentation by fromer NFL Football Player Marques Brigham

Ready to get started with the Fastest Growing International Team in Valentus? Simply visit our team website at, watch the videos, take the free tour, and one of our team leaders will contact you asap to help you get started, and add you to our team Facebook group, so you can get access to all of our team business building resources.

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Valentus MLM Compensation Plan Review + Dave Jordan Youtube Presentation

Dave Jordan, CEO of Valentus has brought on some of the best talent within the Network Marketing/MLM industry, who specialize in developing generous compensation plans with performance based incentives that’s designed to help anyone with ambitious goals create the lifestyle of their dreams, 10 times faster than ever before!

This Compensation Plans pays out 4 different ways, with 7 Power Bonuses as seen below:

  1. Fast Start Bonus (Up To $100)
  2. Retail Commissions (25%)
  3. Binary Commissions (Up To $100,000 Per Week)
  4. Matching Binary Commissions (7 Generations Starting at 25%)
  5. 1% Global Volume Shared Enrollment Pool
  6. Car Bonus ($400 – $3000 Monthly)
  7. Legacy Coded Bonus ($100 unblocked to unlimited levels)

You can get started with Valentus at 4 different membership levels. The lowest entry fee starts at $59.00 with the highest level being $499. Listed below are more details on Valentus Compensation plan. The videos are presented by CEO of Valentus, Dave Jordan.

Retail Commissions: Pays up to 25% Weekly

The Retail Commission aspect of this Compensation Plan is very straight forward. Essentially, you can earn up to 25% on every order that comes in from your personal replicated website with Valentus. You can also order any product from Valentus at wholesale price, and re-sell products to your customers at retail price. You could either sell your items on hand, or have your customers order directly from your Valentus Retail Store online.

Fast Start Bonus (Earn Up To $100)

You can qualify for a Fast Start Bonus up to $100 for every distributor that you personally enroll within your Valentus Business, during your first 30 days. The amount you can earn in terms of your Fast Start Bonus, depends on your overall personal and organization volume.


Legacy Enrollment Bonus

Every time you personally enroll someone who purchases a Business Builder Pack at $499, you could earn a Bonus up to $100. In order to qualify for the Legacy Enrollment Bonus, you must be Ruby IR qualified (Purchased a Business Builder Pack) and have an active auto ship of 100BV (Bonus Volume).

Also, it’s worthy to note that the $100 Legacy Enrollment Bonuses will automatically roll up to your first generational sponsor (The individual who personally enrolled you in Valentus).

After your personal referrer gets credited for the first 3 commission bonuses, you’ll then start to receive the commissions, starting with your 4th personal Ruby IR enrollment.

Every time your Ruby IR Enrollments, personally sponsored up to 3 distributors who purchases a Business Builder Pack, their first 3 Bonus Commissions will roll up to you, as their first generational sponsor.

Essentially, every time you enroll someone at the Business Builder Pack you can qualify for a Legacy Enrollment Bonus, and every time they do the same, you can qualify for up to 3 more $100 Bonuses Per every Ruby IR that you personally enroll. This is unlimited.



Dual Team Commissions

Essentially, every time you cycle in the Compensation Plan, you can earn an additional $20 on any re-occurring product purchases within your organization. This bonus aspect of the Compensation Plan alone can pay out weekly commissions up up to $100,000 per week.

Seven Generations Dual Team Bonus

This bonus is paid out on every distributor within your Personal Enrollment Tree. You could earn up to a 25% Dual Team Matching Bonus, every time someone who you personally enrolled, earns Dual Team Commissions.

To put this in context, and to simplify it, every time someone that you’ve personally enrolled into Valentus earn commissions from cycling within the Compensation Plan, you can earn a Matching Bonus from 2% – 25% of what every they earn from the dual team bonus aspect of the Valentus Compensation Plan. So essentially, every time you’re personals cycle, you’ll pick up a “Up to 25%” matching bonus  of what every they earn, from cycling.

Car Bonus

The Car Bonus is paid out every month to distributors who reach the rank of a Diamond and above. Independent Distributors can qualify for the car bonus, starting after two consecutive months of maintaining the status of a Diamond.

Enrollment Bonus Pool

Every time you enroll 3 Distributors Per Month, that purchases a Business Builder Pack, and maintain an active auto ship at 100BV, you can qualify for 1% of the total Company volume globally. The Company will calculate their Global Commissionable Volume, and payout 1% per every 3 Distributors that you enroll at the Business Builder Pack $499 level, every month.

So to sum this up, Valentus will share 1% of their Company wide earnings with you, per every 3 distributors that you enroll “Per Month”, who purchases a Business Builder Pack.

Valentus Movie

If the idea of making money from the Multi-billion dollar Coffee niche sounds good, then you’ll find the video below “Valentus Movie” of good value, as it will show you how you can monetize the Coffee niche, without having to leave your home or own a Coffee Shop.

Valentus Testimonials

Valentus Testimonials

Valentus Testimonials Slim Roast Weight Loss

Valentus Testimonials Slim Roast Weight Loss New

Benefits of Joining Valentus

  • Earn Copious Amounts Of Money – “Get Paid up to 62 Times a Year!”!
  • Car Bonus: $400 – $3000/Month Towards A Car Note
  • Get Access to Huge Savings on Valentus Products
  • Set Your Own Hours
  • Spend More Time with Family
  • Work From Anywhere in the World
  • Experience True Time and Financial Freedom
  • Position Yourself As A Top Leader in a Company that’s expecting Exponential Growth over the 3 – 5 Years
  • And so much more

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  • Become apart of one of the Fastest Growing Teams!
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  • And so much more!


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Valentus Before and After Pictures

This Coffee really works! Check out these before and after photos below!

Valentus Before and After Slim Roast Coffee Valentus Before and After Slim Roast Pics
Valentus Before and AfterValentus Real Results and Success Stories Before and After

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Valentus Corporate Office:
1492 Kleppe Lane
Sparks, NV 89431